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Here's the story...of the house from the Brady Bunch

That iconic split-level suburban home where the blended family of Mike, Carol, their six kids, Alice the housekeeper, and yes, even Tiger the dog, made us laugh, learn, and love from 1969 to 1974. But did you know that this beloved residence has a rich history of its own? Let's take a journey into the past and present value of the Brady Bunch house.

First, let's step into our groovy time machine and venture back to the swinging '60s. Our destination? Studio City, California, in the San Fernando Valley—just a few blocks from where I'm writing this article.

Constructed in 1959, the Brady house was initially a cozy three-bedroom, two-bathroom family home. While the Brady clan didn't really "live" inside the house—it was used primarily for exterior shots while the interior scenes were filmed in a Los Angeles studio—it nevertheless became an integral part of TV history.

Now, onto the exciting stuff: the valuation of this nostalgic masterpiece.

In 1973, George and Violet McCallister purchased the iconic house for a cool $61,000. Let's dust off the old inflation calculator for a moment: that would be equivalent to around $416,782.50 today.

In 1973, George and Violet McCallister purchased the iconic house for a cool $61,000.

As for the mortgage rates of the time, they hovered around 7.3%, actually and sadly similar to today's rates. Assuming the McCallisters put down a 20% deposit, they'd be looking at roughly $334/month in mortgage payments, which translates to around $2,629 in today's money. A sweet deal, wouldn't you say?

Fast forward to today: the Brady house has undergone a fabulous HGTV makeover in 2019, transforming it into a five-bedroom, five-bath residence that looks just like the one we saw on our TV screens.

And the price tag for this slice of pop-culture real estate? A staggering $5.5 million. Adjusting for inflation, this figure would've equated to roughly $737,541 back in 1973. That's a jaw-dropping increase of around 646.16% from the original price!

So there you have it—the fun, fascinating, and undeniably groovy story of the Brady Bunch house. It's a prime example of how pop culture and real estate can collide to create something truly unique and valuable.

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