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I love the content you've been putting out, where can I find more of it?

That's so great! You can follow us on Instagram and TikTok @be_choosi or find us on LinkedIn

Is Choosi a brokerage?

Nope, Choosi is not a brokerage. We're more like a matchmaking service for home buyers and real estate agents. We don't directly handle transactions, but we make it easy for agents to get discovered and help buyers find their perfect match. Think of us as the Cupid of home buying!

How do I contact Choosi?

We are a young company and are eager to speak with agents and home buyers. If you are interested in sharing feedback or asking questions, please schedule in a 15 or 30-minute time slot with us using this link: We'll clear our schedule for you!

As a buyer, what happens if I'd like to switch my agent?

It happens! Send us an email to and we'll send you other matches. We’ll craft and send the break up text for you!

Will agents get the buyers information when they sign up?

Choosi lets home buyers make the first move. Information is not shared with agents until the buyer gives us the go-ahead. We've found that saves quality time for the buyer and the agent.

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